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AT&T Class Action Lawsuits

Open Cases

Closed Cases

Austin Gray v. AT&T
Individuals employed on the 'business side' of AT&T

Delinda Viles v. AT&T 
Business Managers

Cathy Birdsong v. AT&T
Information Technology Employees

Denise Lindsly v. AT&T 
Technical Architects and Developers

Duane Waters, Debra Turner, and Rudy Fajardo v. AT&T 
Senior Analysts, Senior IT Analysts, Senior QC Analysts and Senior Database Administrators

Herman Lu v. AT&T 
Non-exempt employees who were equipped with pagers and required to be on-call from home and respond within a 10 minute response time, without compensation

Jerry Wong, Juan Pineda & Ronald Del Valle, et al, v. AT&T
Retail Store Managers

Michael Doyle, et al, v. AT&T. 
Analysts, Data Center Managers, Database Administrators, and certain employees who worked Alternate Work Schedules in the IT Department of AT&T

Palomares and Ballesteros v. AT&T
Retail Sales Managers

Phillip Sims v. AT&T
Retail Sales Managers in Northern California

Sabrina Pierce and Romi Hughes v. AT&T
Associate Project Managers, Project Managers and Senior Project Managers

Shoff & Traister v. AT&T
Senior Systems Managers, Systems Managers, Senior Network Managers, Senior Implementation Managers, Implementation Managers, and/or Network Technical Managers.

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