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Delinda Viles v. AT&T Class Action

Update: October 19, 2012

While we have been hopeful, over the past many months, that we would be able to pursue this matter as a class action, that has not worked out.

We regret this turn of events. However, if you believe you might have been a possible member of this case had it been a class action, you should feel free to take your own action, including seeking out an attorney to represent you on an individual basis.

We thank all of you who tried to assist us in these efforts. If we file any class action case involving this job position in the future, we will post it on this website.

Update 8/28/10

Individuals who are or may be class members in this case have contacted our office, wondering what the status of the litigation is, given that the case was filed four months ago, on April 28, 2010. 

If you’ve reviewed the complaint (a copy is attached to this website for viewing), you’ve seen that we’ve sued several AT&T entities for the job title of Business Manager.  (We have also sued AT&T for other job titles - please view other pages in this website, as you may have had one of those titles as well.)  The defendants in this case include AT&T Corp., AT&T Services, Inc., AT&T Operations, Inc.,  AT&T Management Services LP,  AT&T Mobility Services LLC, and Yellowpages.com.  

We served the defendants, and are in the process of obtaining discovery information relating to the class members, so that we might either attempt a mediation and settlement (as was achieved, earlier, for example, in the cases of Shoff and Traister v. AT&T, and Doyle, et al, v. AT&T), or file a motion for class certification.

If you were a Business Manager working for one of those entities since April 28, 2005, it might be to your advantage to contact our office.  Because of the combination of various entities forming the AT&T companies, sometimes job titles have been confused or misunderstood.  In earlier cases, for example, AT&T identified individuals who did not even know they were part of the class, as they believed they had other job titles.  The same might be true in reverse. You might believe that you have the job title of Business Manager, and yet that would not be reflected in AT&T records.

By the same token, you may know of other Business Managers who have not only left AT&T, but might have moved, perhaps even out of the state.  They might never know of the case unless we are provided their names by their colleagues.

We hope to hear from you or and of your friends, if you or they feel this information is relevant to your employment at any of these AT&T companies.


If you were employed during the past four years in the State of California by AT&T as a Business Manager, you should know that on April 28, 2010, a class action was filed on behalf of employees holding that position. The case is entitled Delinda Viles v. AT&T Corp., etc., as Case No. RG 10512160 in the Alameda County Court of California concerning various issues regarding wages as set forth therein.

If you were employed by AT&T in California in that position at any time since April 28, 2006, you may wish to contact our offices if you were required to work more than 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week, or if it was necessary for you to work through meal breaks, or forego meal and/or rest breaks altogether. This may have happened, for example, as it has for other employees, when you were working on 'releases,' as well as at other times during your workweek.

Our office has also filed cases on behalf of other employees of AT&T, entitled Shoff, et al v. AT&T, Doyle, et al, v. AT&T, Lindsly v. AT&T, Waters, Turner and Fajardo v. AT&T, as well as Pierce v. AT&T, all relating to various other job titles of employees of AT&T. We refer you to those cases and other sections of this website for further information.

We are hopeful that we will be able to assist employees of AT&T who were or are Business Managers, just as we have been able to do in the Shoff and Doyle cases for many other positions.

Should you have any information you wish to share, or if you have any questions regarding this case, please feel free to call us at 626.795.0205.

If you are or feel you should be a member of this case - we hope to hear from you soon.

If you have any questions about this case, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope we can be of help to you.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this information. We wish you well.

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