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Mejia v Dunn-Edwards

Update October 25, 2017 - Notices to Potential Class Members of Case Have Gone Out!

If you worked for Dunn-Edwards in the past three years as a non-exempt (hourly) employee, you should have received something in the mail informing you of this case.

Dunn-Edwards is hoping that you will not want us to know your work experience, but we’re already being contacted by potential class members who want to know what they can do to try to get paid for time they spent working while off the clock.

If you worked for Dunn-Edwards and haven’t gotten anything in the mail by now, please contact us. Over 1,000 people have been sent mailers, but we understand that oftentimes people move, mail is lost in transit or misplaced or, worst of all, people get these notices and throw them away.

This case is NOT about getting you a coupon.  We are trying to help people recover unpaid wages.  No, we don’t guarantee success.  But think about this: if we didn’t think we had a shot at helping you - if you’re a potential class member - we wouldn’t have spent the time and resources publishing this information.

So call us at 818-547-5200 or 626-795-0205.  

Or feel free to email us at tom@falveylaw.com.

Thanks very much.  We hope to hear from you right away.

Update August 12, 2017 - Dunn-Edwards Doesn’t Want Us to Know Employees’ Names or Anything Else!

Why would that be?

Why has Dunn-Edwards done everything it can to try to prevent us from knowing your names if you worked at any of its stores in California during the past six years?  What don’t they want us to know?  Who would provide information to us that could help us?

Not only that, they don’t want to provide any documents, such as texts, emails, schedules, memos, manuals, anything at all about employees of Dunn Edwards in the past six years.  Nothing at all!  Why is Dunn-Edwards hiding the ball?

You could provide that information!  Please contact us and get us names and phone numbers of anyone who worked for Dunn-Edwards in California since November, 2011!  

We need your help!

Please call us.

Plaintiff's Allegations - November 7, 2015

Our firm has joined with the Law Offices of Alex Hartounian in filing a Complaint (see attached) for Civil Penalties under the Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act  (PAGA) of 2004, Labor Code 2698, et seq., against Dunn-Edwards Corporation.  

This case is filed on behalf of non-exempt in-store employees in California who have at any Dunn-Edwards location at any time since November 7, 2015.

In her lawsuit, Plaintiff contends that Dunn-Edwards did not comply with the requirements under California law, and specifically failed to provide such employees with payment for all hours worked, including overtime wages.

Plaintiff has also pleaded in her complaint that Dunn-Edwards failed to provide adequate off-duty meal periods and meal period compensation and for rest periods and res period compensation.    

Further, Plaintiff contends that as a matter of policy, Dunn-Edwards knowingly and intentionally provided Plaintiff with wage statements that, among others, do not show all wages earned, all hours worked, or all applicable rates.  

Plaintiff also contends that, as a matter of policy and/or practice, Dunn-Edwards failed to pay Plaintiff all wages due and owing upon termination of employment, including, but not limited to payment of wages for off-the-clock work, overtime compensation and missed meal and res periods compensation.

Dunn-Edwards has not yet responded to the complaint filed November 7, 2016. The court has not yet ruled on any of Plaintiff's allegations or determined whether the case is appropriate for class action status.

If you are or were an employee of Dunn-Edwards in California since November, 2015, we would like to speak with you. Please contact us by either calling our office at 818-547-5200, by mailing us at 550 North Brand Blvd., Suite 1500, Glendale, CA 91203.  You may also email us at tom@falveylaw.com.

Case Documents:

2016-11-07, Mejia v. Dunn-Edwards, Complaint

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