Villasenor vs. La Pizza Loca

Update: September, 2021 – Defendants are seeking to have the case thrown out without a trial!

Of course, we’re going to oppose it.  But maybe you can help us.  Did you or do you work for La Pizza Loca or Crazy Pizza, Inc. during the past 9 years??? Yes, since 2012?  

Anything you can provide us – texts or emails or messages or tweets or timesheets or paystubs, or anything at all, might help!

Any way we can help you in this case or any case, just give us a call at 818-547-5200 or 626-795-0205.  Or email us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Update: May 1, 2021 – We Have Great News! Class Certification Granted!

The Court certified this case as a class action for all current and former non-exempt (hourly) employees of Pizza Loca, Inc. d/b/a La Pizza Loca, Inc., La Pizza Loca Distribution, Inc., and/or Crazy Pizza, Inc. in the State of California at any time during the period from December 2, 2012 to March 18, 2018, excluding those employees who signed an arbitration agreement in connection with their employment.

The class is certified with respect to the following types of claims: (1) claims based on the supposed illegality of the on-duty rest break policy; (2) claims based on the alleged denial of second meal breaks to employees working shifts of 10 hours or more; (3) claims based on the alleged wage statement violations; (4) claims for the reimbursement for uniform expenses (black pants and non-slip shoes); (5) claims for lost wages for time spent donning the employee uniform before shifts; and (6) claims that are solely derivative of these five substantive claims, which are: (a) failure to pay all wages due to discharged and quitting employees; (b) failure to furnish accurate, itemized wage statements; and (c) unfair business practices.

Once again!  We need your help!  Please call us or email us now with information you have regarding what you were told or had to do which you felt unfair during that time period. You can call 626-795-0205 or 818-547-5200, or you can write to us at  Thank you for your help.

Update: May 25, 2020 – Motion for Class Certification Pending! And We Can STILL USE YOUR HELP!

We have a Motion for Class Certification filed, but we have to wait for a time when the court can make a decision on our case. Because of the Coronavirus, most courts have been closed. Some have been hearing via ZOOM, but ours hasn’t happened yet. When it does we will let you know. For now, if you have anything you want to send us, such as how you were treated, if you were forced to work early or late, or often weren’t paid for all the time you worked, call us! You can reach us at either 818-547-2000 or 626-795-0205. Or email me at OR, if you’ve been let go from your job, whether it was from La Pizza Loca or anywhere else, and want to talk about that, we’d be glad to talk with you for that reason as well. The same goes for your friends or relatives – if they have a question about their employment, or anything else, suggest they give us a call. Thanks – and please stay safe.

Update: January 1, 2019 – Aiming for a Hearing on a Motion for Class Certification in March!

Unfortunately, due to a variety of factors, we have not yet had a hearing on whether our case will be certified as a class action. Part of that had to do with health issues of various individuals. Also, defendant changed and sought to change attorneys since the case was filed. We had a mediation, but that did not result in a settlement as we had hoped. So now, as the time nears for the hearing, we’re asking for more help. These are the locations of which we’re aware: Anaheim, Ontario, Azusa, Pacoima, Baldwin Park, Paramount, Compton, San Bernardino, Downey, Pomona, El Monte, Santa Ana (West McFadden), Lennox, Santa Ana (East 4th St.), Long Beach (East South Street), South Gate, Long Beach (Pacific Ave., Sun Valley, Los Angeles (East Cesar Chavez Ave.), Wilmington, Los Angeles (East Gage Ave.), Los Angeles (Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd.),  Los Angeles (Daly St.), and Los Angeles (Rampart St.. Did you work at any of those places? If so, could you call us and let us know the names and phone numbers or email for anyone else who worked there? Or could you ask them to either email us at or call 626-795-0205. We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks very much.

Villasenor v La Pizza Loca – Case Filed

On December 2, 2016, our firm filed a proposed class-action lawsuit in Los Angeles County, case no. BC 642655, against La Pizza Loca and Pizza Loca, Inc., on behalf of all hourly employees who worked for those pizza companies in California since December, 2012. In his lawsuit, Plaintiff (the guy who is suing) contends that La Pizza Loca did not comply with the requirements under California law for payment of wages. If successful, a class action allows former and current employees to receive back wages that are owed to them. The court has not yet ruled on any of Plaintiff’s allegations or determined whether the case is appropriate for class action status.

If you are or were an employee of La Pizza Loca in California since December of 2012, we would like to speak with you. Perhaps you have schedules, receipts, timesheets, paystubs, earning statements or other documents you received from La Pizza Loca which you think would help our case. Maybe you still have texts from La Pizza Loca telling you what to do or where to go you’d let us see and copy. Maybe you have pictures of where you worked or drove.  

If you have emails or manuals from anyone at Pizza Loca, we’d like to see those as well. Please contact us as soon as you can by either calling our office at 818-547-5200. You may also email us at

And every once in a while, people send mail to us, enclosing items they think might be helpful, with no return address, so that their identity can be kept secret.  Maybe you’d want to do that.